Video games as art

2008-04-29 1 min read

    It’s about time video games are considered an art. They are creative endeavors that take as much and as long to make as some movies. There is also a huge distinction between the great and the poor games. Games these days can be considered movies and they should be treated in the same way.

    Maybe then will video games no longer be the black sheep of the media and entertainment business. It’s ridiculous that some guy throwing feces at a canvas is considered higher than the developers of video games.

    Video games are no longer the simple things of 20 years past but have evolved into their own worlds and stories and should be given the credit they deserve.

    It’s a shame people are blaming video games for the violence instead of their own parenting ability. And if they actually cared about how their kids were being raised maybe they should stop the filth on TV from being shown and replace the TV babysitter with themselves.

    No one can argue that TV has been getting more and more sexual and violent yet the finger is always pointed at video games - it’s time this stops.