On Apple buying PA Semiconductor

2008-04-25 1 min read

    This post is a response to Robert Cringely’s PBS Post. He’s giving 2 reasons for the acquisition and I wanted to add to two of his points.

    • The short term reason is to force Intel to give Apple price cuts for fear that Apple will make their own chips: I do not think that Intel needs to worry about Apple manufacturing their own PC chips as Apple already went through that phase and AMD already provides the necessary pressure on Intel to lower their prices.
    • In the future, software and OSes will not be tied down to a specific chip so Apple will start manufacturing their own processors to increase their margins: I think the author is on to something regarding the future of processors but I do not think the PC market will change that drastically. Apple will probably start making their own chips for the iPhone and their new gadgets but I doubt they will do the same for the PC market.

    Edit: Just found out that Apple already makes a server (Thanks Brian). I have to start doing some research from now on.